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Our Privacy Commitment

Your experience on the web shouldn't require that you sacrifice your privacy. In fact, we take privacy so seriously that we've devised our own Privacy Commitment, not just a policy.

Below are our completely transparent privacy principles that govern all of our development and data practices:

  1. We only ask for what we need

    • We'll ask only for data that we need, and only use it ways to make your experience better.
  2. No shady data sharing or selling

    • We take every precaution possible to ensure your data is secure. Your data will not be sold. Your friends will not be spammed. We've got your back.
  3. If someone is peering into your data, you'll know about it

    • If ANYONE outside of our core development team (currently 3 people) is requesting access to your data, we'll let you know about it so you can be aware of how we're using your stuff and why. We'll always have a good reason.